6154. ereb
I. עֵ֫רֶב noun masculineExodus 12:38 mixture, mixed company; — heterogeneous body attached to a people; to Israel Exodus 12:38 (E), Nehemiah 13:3; to Egyptians Jeremiah 25:20 (ᵑ9 joins to Jeremiah 25:19, so Gie); to Chaldeans Jeremiah 50:37; in Jeremiah 25:24 strike out וְאֵת ֗֗֗ הָעֶרֶב as doublet (so Gie, compare ᵐ5); in 1 Kings 10:15 read עֲרָב (as "" 2 Chronicles 9:14, so Benz Kit and others); Ezekiel 30:5 read probably id. (Co).

II. עֵ֫רֶב noun [masculine] woof (as mixed, interwoven, with warp); — Leviticus 13:48 + 8t. 13 (all opposed to שְׁתִי warp), compare GFMPAOS 1889, clxxviii.

Forms and Transliterations
בְעֵ֔רֶב בָעֵ֑רֶב בָעֵ֙רֶב֙ בערב הָעֵ֔רֶב הָעֵ֗רֶב הָעֵ֜רֶב הָעֵֽרֶב׃ הָעֶ֔רֶב הָעֶ֛רֶב הָעֶ֣רֶב הערב הערב׃ עֵ֖רֶב עֵ֥רֶב ערב ‘ê·reḇ ‘êreḇ ḇā‘êreḇ ḇā·‘ê·reḇ ḇə‘êreḇ ḇə·‘ê·reḇ Erev hā‘ereḇ hā‘êreḇ hā·‘e·reḇ hā·‘ê·reḇ haErev vaErev veErev
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