1362. gabah
Strong's Concordance
gabah: high, proud
Original Word: גְּבַהּ
Part of Speech: Adjective
Transliteration: gabah
Phonetic Spelling: (gaw-bawh')
Short Definition: high
Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
high, proud

From gabahh; lofty (literally or figuratively) -- high, proud.

see HEBREW gabahh

Forms and Transliterations
גְּֽבַהּ־ גְּבַהּ־ גבה־ וּגְבַ֣הּ וגבה מִגְּבַהּ־ מגבה־ gə·ḇah- gəḇah- gevah mig·gə·ḇah- miggəḇah- miggevah ū·ḡə·ḇah ūḡəḇah ugeVah
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Englishman's Concordance
Strong's Hebrew 1362
4 Occurrences

gə·ḇah- — 2 Occ.
mig·gə·ḇah- — 1 Occ.
ū·ḡə·ḇah — 1 Occ.

Psalm 101:5
HEB: אוֹת֪וֹ אַ֫צְמִ֥ית גְּֽבַהּ־ עֵ֭ינַיִם וּרְחַ֣ב
KJV: him will I cut off: him that hath an high look
INT: his neighbor will destroy an high look and an arrogant

Proverbs 16:5
HEB: יְ֭הוָה כָּל־ גְּבַהּ־ לֵ֑ב יָ֥ד
KJV: Every one [that is] proud in heart
INT: to the LORD Everyone proud heart Assuredly

Ecclesiastes 7:8
HEB: אֶֽרֶךְ־ ר֖וּחַ מִגְּבַהּ־ רֽוּחַ׃
KJV: [is] better than the proud in spirit.
INT: Patience of spirit the proud of spirit

Ezekiel 31:3
HEB: וְחֹ֥רֶשׁ מֵצַ֖ל וּגְבַ֣הּ קוֹמָ֑ה וּבֵ֣ין
KJV: shroud, and of an high stature;
INT: and forest shade an high and very was among

4 Occurrences

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