2577. Chamathi
Strong's Concordance
Chamathi: descendant of Canaan
Original Word: חֲמָתִי
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: Chamathi
Phonetic Spelling: (kham-aw-thee')
Short Definition: Hamathite
חֲמָתִי adjective, of a people with article = substantive הַהֲמָתִ֑י, as descendants of Canaan Genesis 10:18 = 1 Chronicles 1:16.

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance

Patrial from Chamath; a Chamathite or native of Chamath -- Hamathite.

see HEBREW Chamath

Forms and Transliterations
הַֽחֲמָתִ֑י הַֽחֲמָתִֽי׃ החמתי החמתי׃ ha·ḥă·mā·ṯî hachamaTi haḥămāṯî
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Englishman's Concordance
Strong's Hebrew 2577
2 Occurrences

ha·ḥă·mā·ṯî — 2 Occ.

Genesis 10:18
HEB: הַצְּמָרִ֖י וְאֶת־ הַֽחֲמָתִ֑י וְאַחַ֣ר נָפֹ֔צוּ
NAS: and the Zemarite and the Hamathite; and afterward
KJV: and the Zemarite, and the Hamathite: and afterward
INT: and the Arvadite and the Zemarite and the Hamathite and afterward were spread

1 Chronicles 1:16
HEB: הַצְּמָרִ֖י וְאֶת־ הַֽחֲמָתִֽי׃ ס
NAS: the Zemarites and the Hamathites.
KJV: and the Zemarite, and the Hamathite.
INT: the Arvadites the Zemarites and the Hamathites

2 Occurrences

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