3717. kaphal
Strong's Concordance
kaphal: to double, double over
Original Word: כָּפַל
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: kaphal
Phonetic Spelling: (kaw-fal')
Short Definition: double
כָּפַל verb double, double over (late) (Late Hebrew id.; Aramaic כְּפַל; ᵑ7. כִּיפְלָא, כּוּפְלָה, Nabataean כפל EutNab. No. 20, 7 the double; Christian-Palestinian Aramaic SchwIdioticon 46; North Syriac id.; Arabic the double, posteriors, buttocks; Ethiopic is divide, a part) —

Qal Perfect2masculine singular וְכָפַלְתָּ֫ Exodus 26:9 and thou shalt double over the sixth curtain, i.e. probably use it double (Di); Passive participle כָּפוּל folded double, of the breastpiece (חשֶׁןׅ Exodus 28:16; Exodus 39:9 (twice in verse).

Niph`al Imperfect3feminine singular וְתִכָּפֵל Ezekiel 21:19 and let the sword be doubled, but very dubious; Co reads plausibly תְּשַׁכֵּל let the sword bereave (compare VB).

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance

A primitive root; to fold together; figuratively, to repeat -- double.

Forms and Transliterations
וְכָפַלְתָּ֙ וְתִכָּפֵ֞ל וכפלת ותכפל כָּפ֑וּל כָּפ֖וּל כָּפֽוּל׃ כפול כפול׃ kā·p̄ūl kaFul kāp̄ūl vechafalTa vetikkaFel wə·ḵā·p̄al·tā wə·ṯik·kā·p̄êl wəḵāp̄altā wəṯikkāp̄êl
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Englishman's Concordance
Strong's Hebrew 3717
5 Occurrences

kā·p̄ūl — 3 Occ.
wə·ḵā·p̄al·tā — 1 Occ.
wə·ṯik·kā·p̄êl — 1 Occ.

Exodus 26:9
HEB: הַיְרִיעֹ֖ת לְבָ֑ד וְכָפַלְתָּ֙ אֶת־ הַיְרִיעָ֣ה
NAS: by themselves, and you shall double over the sixth
KJV: curtains by themselves, and shalt double the sixth
INT: curtains themselves shall double curtain the sixth

Exodus 28:16
HEB: רָב֥וּעַ יִֽהְיֶ֖ה כָּפ֑וּל זֶ֥רֶת אָרְכּ֖וֹ
NAS: It shall be square [and] folded double, a span
KJV: Foursquare it shall be [being] doubled; a span
INT: shall be square become folded A span length

Exodus 39:9
HEB: רָב֧וּעַ הָיָ֛ה כָּפ֖וּל עָשׂ֣וּ אֶת־
NAS: the breastpiece folded double,
KJV: the breastplate double: a span
INT: square become folded made the breastpiece

Exodus 39:9
HEB: וְזֶ֥רֶת רָחְבּ֖וֹ כָּפֽוּל׃
NAS: folded double, a span
KJV: the breadth thereof, [being] doubled.
INT: span wide double

Ezekiel 21:14
HEB: אֶל־ כָּ֑ף וְתִכָּפֵ֞ל חֶ֤רֶב שְׁלִישִׁ֙תָה֙
NAS: and let the sword be doubled the third time,
KJV: and let the sword be doubled the third
INT: about hands be doubled the sword the third

5 Occurrences

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