4449. melal
Strong's Concordance
melal: to speak, say
Original Word: מְלַל
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: melal
Phonetic Spelling: (mel-al')
Short Definition: uttering
[מְלַל] verb Pa`el speak, say (so ᵑ7 Syriac; compare Biblical Hebrew מלל

Pi`el (rare)); — Perfect3masculine singular מַלֵּל Daniel 6:22 he spoke with (עִם person); accusative of words, Imperfect3masculine singular י֫מַלִּ֔ל Daniel 7:25 (with לְצַד of God); so Participle active מְמַלִּל Daniel 7:8 (van d. H. here מְמַלֵּל), Daniel 7:20; feminine מְמַלֱּלָא (K§ 15d)) Daniel 7:11.

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
say, speaking

(Aramaic) corresponding to malal; to speak -- say, speak(-ing).

see HEBREW malal

Forms and Transliterations
יְמַלִּ֔ל ימלל מְמַלֱּלָ֑ה מְמַלִּ֣ל מְמַלִּ֥ל מַלִּ֑ל מלל ממלל ממללה mal·lil mallil mə·mal·lĕ·lāh mə·mal·lil memalleLah məmallĕlāh memalLil məmallil yə·mal·lil yemalLil yəmallil
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Englishman's Concordance
Strong's Hebrew 4449
5 Occurrences

mal·lil — 1 Occ.
mə·mal·lĕ·lāh — 1 Occ.
mə·mal·lil — 2 Occ.
yə·mal·lil — 1 Occ.

Daniel 6:21
HEB: עִם־ מַלְכָּ֖א מַלִּ֑ל מַלְכָּ֖א לְעָלְמִ֥ין
NAS: Daniel spoke to the king,
KJV: Then said Daniel unto
INT: unto to the king spoke king forever

Daniel 7:8
HEB: דָ֔א וּפֻ֖ם מְמַלִּ֥ל רַבְרְבָֽן׃
NAS: and a mouth uttering great
KJV: and a mouth speaking great things.
INT: this mouth uttering things

Daniel 7:11
HEB: דִּ֥י קַרְנָ֖א מְמַלֱּלָ֑ה חָזֵ֣ה הֲוֵ֡ית
NAS: the horn was speaking; I kept
KJV: which the horn spake: I beheld
INT: which the horn was speaking looking kept

Daniel 7:20
HEB: לַ֗הּ וְפֻם֙ מְמַלִּ֣ל רַבְרְבָ֔ן וְחֶזְוַ֖הּ
NAS: and a mouth uttering great [boasts] and which was larger
KJV: and a mouth that spake very great things,
INT: had eyes mouth uttering things appearance

Daniel 7:25
HEB: (עִלָּאָה֙ ק) יְמַלִּ֔ל וּלְקַדִּישֵׁ֥י עֶלְיוֹנִ֖ין
NAS: He will speak out against
KJV: And he shall speak [great] words
INT: against high will speak the saints of the Highest

5 Occurrences

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