5861. ayit
Strong's Concordance
ayit: a bird of prey
Original Word: עָ֫יִט
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: ayit
Phonetic Spelling: (ah'-yit)
Short Definition: prey
עַ֫יִט noun masculineJer 12:19 bird(s) of prey (from scream); — absolute ׳ע Genesis 15:11+, עָ֑יִט Job 28:7, with article (perhaps) ׳הַע Jeremiah 12:9b (compare Gie; ׳הַע interrogative va); construct עֵיט Isaiah 18:6; Ezekiel 39:4; — usually collective Genesis 15:11 (JE), Isaiah 18:6; Job 28:7, עֵיט הָרִים Isaiah 18:6, עֵיט צִמּוֺר כָּלכָּֿנָף Ezekiel 39:4; figurative of foes of Judah Jeremiah 12:9 b; of single bird Jeremiah 12:9 a (figurative of Judah), Isaiah 46:11 (figurative of invader, "" אִישׁ עֲצָתִי).

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
bird, fowl, ravenous bird

From iyt; a hawk or other bird of prey -- bird, fowl, ravenous (bird).

see HEBREW iyt

Forms and Transliterations
הַעַ֖יִט הַעַ֨יִט הָעַ֔יִט הָעַ֖יִט העיט לְעֵ֣יט לְעֵ֨יט לעיט עַ֔יִט עָ֑יִט עיט ‘a·yiṭ ‘ā·yiṭ ‘ayiṭ ‘āyiṭ Ayit ha‘ayiṭ hā‘ayiṭ ha·‘a·yiṭ hā·‘a·yiṭ haAyit lə‘êṭ lə·‘êṭ leEit
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Englishman's Concordance
Strong's Hebrew 5861
8 Occurrences

‘ā·yiṭ — 2 Occ.
hā·‘a·yiṭ — 4 Occ.
lə·‘êṭ — 2 Occ.

Genesis 15:11
HEB: וַיֵּ֥רֶד הָעַ֖יִט עַל־ הַפְּגָרִ֑ים
NAS: The birds of prey came down
KJV: And when the fowls came down
INT: came the birds upon the carcasses

Job 28:7
HEB: לֹֽא־ יְדָ֣עוֹ עָ֑יִט וְלֹ֥א שְׁ֝זָפַ֗תּוּ
NAS: The path no bird of prey knows, Nor
KJV: [There is] a path which no fowl knoweth,
INT: no knows bird Nor caught

Isaiah 18:6
HEB: יֵעָזְב֤וּ יַחְדָּו֙ לְעֵ֣יט הָרִ֔ים וּֽלְבֶהֱמַ֖ת
NAS: for mountain birds of prey,
KJV: together unto the fowls of the mountains,
INT: will be left together birds mountain the beasts

Isaiah 18:6
HEB: וְקָ֤ץ עָלָיו֙ הָעַ֔יִט וְכָל־ בֶּהֱמַ֥ת
NAS: birds of prey, And for the beasts
KJV: of the earth: and the fowls shall summer
INT: shall summer of prey and all the beasts

Isaiah 46:11
HEB: קֹרֵ֤א מִמִּזְרָח֙ עַ֔יִט מֵאֶ֥רֶץ מֶרְחָ֖ק
NAS: Calling a bird of prey from the east,
KJV: Calling a ravenous bird from the east,
INT: Calling the east A bird country A far

Jeremiah 12:9
HEB: הַעַ֨יִט צָב֤וּעַ נַחֲלָתִי֙
NAS: like a speckled bird of prey to Me? Are the birds of prey
KJV: [is] unto me [as] a speckled bird, the birds
INT: bird A speckled is my inheritance

Jeremiah 12:9
HEB: נַחֲלָתִי֙ לִ֔י הַעַ֖יִט סָבִ֣יב עָלֶ֑יהָ
NAS: bird of prey to Me? Are the birds of prey against
KJV: bird, the birds round about
INT: A speckled is my inheritance of prey every against

Ezekiel 39:4
HEB: אֲשֶׁ֣ר אִתָּ֑ךְ לְעֵ֨יט צִפּ֧וֹר כָּל־
NAS: kind of predatory bird
KJV: that [is] with thee: I will give thee unto the ravenous birds
INT: who for of predatory bird to every

8 Occurrences

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