5443. phulé
Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
kindred, tribe.

From phuo (compare phullon); an offshoot, i.e. Race or clan -- kindred, tribe.

see GREEK phuo

see GREEK phullon

Forms and Transliterations
φυλαάς φυλαι φυλαί φυλαὶ φυλαις φυλαίς φυλαῖς φυλας φυλάς φυλὰς φυλή φυλην φυλήν φυλὴν φυλης φυλής φυλῆς φυλων φυλών φυλῶν phulai phulais phulas phulen phulēn phules phulēs phulon phulōn phylai phylaì phylais phylaîs phylas phylàs phylen phylēn phylḕn phyles phylês phylēs phylē̂s phylon phylôn phylōn phylō̂n
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