3694. opisó
Strong's Concordance
opisó: back, behind, after
Original Word: ὀπίσω
Part of Speech: Adverb
Transliteration: opisó
Phonetic Spelling: (op-is'-o)
Short Definition: behind, after
Definition: behind, after; back, backwards.
Thayer's Greek Lexicon
STRONGS NT 3694: ὀπίσω

ὀπίσω ((perhaps) from ὄπις; and this from ἐπω, ἕπομαι, to follow (but cf. Vanicek, p. 530)), adverb of place and time, from Homer down; the Sept. for אַחַר, אָחור and especially for אַחֲרֵי; (at the) back, behind, after;

1. adverbially of place: ἑστάναι, Luke 7:38; ἐπιστρέψαι ὀπίσω, back, Matthew 24:18 (ὑποστρέφειν ὀπίσω, Josephus, Antiquities 6, 1, 3); τά ὀπίσω, the things that are behind, Philippians 3:13 (14); εἰς τά ὀπίσω ἀπέρχεσθαι, to go backward, Vulg.abire retrorsum, John 18:6; to return home, of those who grow recreant to Christ's teaching and cease to follow him, John 6:66; στρέφεσθαι, to turn oneself back, John 20:14; ἐπιστρέφειν, to return back to places left, Mark 13:16; Luke 17:31; ὑποστρέψαι εἰς τά ὀπίσω, tropically, of those who return to the manner of thinking and living already abandoned, 2 Peter 2:21 Lachmann; βλέπειν (Vulg. (aspicere or)respicere retro (A. V. to look back)), Luke 9:62.

2. By a usage unknown to Greek authors, as a preposition with the genitive (Winers Grammar, § 54, 6; Buttmann, § 146, 1);

a. of place: Revelation 1:10 (WH marginal reading ὄπισθεν); (Numbers 25:8; Song of Solomon 2:9); in phrases resembling the Hebrew (cf. Winers Grammar, 30; Buttmann, as above and 172 (150)): ὀπίσω τίνος ἔρχεσθαι to follow anyone as a guide, to be his disciple or follower, Matthew 16:24; Luke 9:23; Mark 8:34 R L Tr marginal reading WH; (cf. Luke 14:27); also ἀκολουθεῖν, Mark 8:34 G T Tr text; Matthew 10:38 (see ἀκολουθέω, 2 at the end); πορεύεσθαι, to join oneself to one as an attendant and follower, Luke 21:8 (Sir. 46:10); to seek something one lusts after, 2 Peter 2:10 (cf. Winers Grammar, 594 (553); Buttmann, 184 (160)); ἀπέρχομαι ὀπίσω τίνος, to go off in order to follow one, to join one's party, Mark 1:20; John 12:19; to run after a thing which one lusts for (cf. Buttmann, as above), ἑτέρας σαρκός, Jude 1:7; δεῦτε ἐπίσω μου (see δεῦτε, 1), Matthew 4:19; Mark 1:17; ἀποστέλλειν τινα ὀπίσω τίνος, Luke 19:14; ἀφισταναι, ἀποσπᾶν, τινα ὀπίσω αὐτοῦ, to draw one away to (join) his party, Acts 5:37; Acts 20:30; ἐκτρέπεσθαι, to turn out of the right path, turn aside from rectitude, 1 Timothy 5:15; by a pregnant construction, after θαυμάζειν, to wonder after i. e. to be drawn away by admiration to follow one (Buttmann, 185 (160f)), Revelation 13:3 (πᾶς λαός ἐξέστη ὀπίσω αὐτοῦ, 1 Samuel 13:7); ὕπαγε ὀπίσω μου (A. V. get thee behind me), out of my sight: Luke 4:8 R L brackets; Matthew 4:10 (G L brackets); ; Mark 8:33.

b. of time, after: ἐρήξεσθαι ὀπίσω τίνος, to make his public appearance after (subsequently to) one, Matthew 3:11; Mark 1:7; John 1:15, 27, 30 (ὀπίσω τοῦ σαββάτου, Nehemiah 13:19).

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
after, backward, behind

From the same as opisthen with enclitic of direction; to the back, i.e. Aback (as adverb or preposition of time or place; or as noun) -- after, back(-ward), (+ get) behind, + follow.

see GREEK opisthen

Forms and Transliterations
οπισω οπίσω ὀπίσω οπλαίς οπλάς οπλήν οπλής όπλων opiso opisō opíso opísō
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Englishman's Concordance
Strong's Greek 3694
35 Occurrences

ὀπίσω — 35 Occ.

Matthew 3:11 Adv
GRK: ὁ δὲ ὀπίσω μου ἐρχόμενος
NAS: but He who is coming after me is mightier
KJV: but he that cometh after me is
INT: moreover after me coming

Matthew 4:19 Adv
GRK: αὐτοῖς Δεῦτε ὀπίσω μου καὶ
INT: to them Come follow after me and

Matthew 10:38 Adv
GRK: καὶ ἀκολουθεῖ ὀπίσω μου οὐκ
NAS: and follow after Me is not worthy
KJV: and followeth after me, is
INT: and follows after me not

Matthew 16:23 Adv
GRK: Πέτρῳ Ὕπαγε ὀπίσω μου Σατανᾶ
NAS: Get behind Me, Satan!
KJV: unto Peter, Get thee behind me, Satan:
INT: to Peter Get behind me Satan

Matthew 16:24 Adv
GRK: τις θέλει ὀπίσω μου ἐλθεῖν
NAS: to come after Me, he must deny
KJV: [man] will come after me, let him deny
INT: any one desires after me to come

Matthew 24:18 Adv
GRK: μὴ ἐπιστρεψάτω ὀπίσω ἆραι τὸ
NAS: must not turn back to get
KJV: the field return back to take his
INT: Neither let him return back to take the

Mark 1:7 Adv
GRK: ἰσχυρότερός μου ὀπίσω μου οὗ
NAS: and saying, After me One is coming
KJV: I after me,
INT: [is] mightier than I after me of whom

Mark 1:17 Adv
GRK: Ἰησοῦς Δεῦτε ὀπίσω μου καὶ
KJV: unto them, Come ye after me, and
INT: Jesus Come after me and

Mark 1:20 Adv
GRK: μισθωτῶν ἀπῆλθον ὀπίσω αὐτοῦ
NAS: and went away to follow Him.
KJV: and went after him.
INT: hired servants they went away after him

Mark 8:33 Adv
GRK: λέγει Ὕπαγε ὀπίσω μου Σατανᾶ
NAS: Get behind Me, Satan;
KJV: saying, Get thee behind me, Satan:
INT: said Get behind me Satan

Mark 8:34 Adv
GRK: τις θέλει ὀπίσω μου ἀκολουθεῖν
NAS: to come after Me, he must deny
KJV: will come after me, let him deny
INT: anyone desires after me to follow

Mark 13:16 Adv
GRK: εἰς τὰ ὀπίσω ἆραι τὸ
NAS: must not turn back to get
KJV: not turn back again for to take up
INT: to the things behind to take the

Luke 7:38 Adv
GRK: καὶ στᾶσα ὀπίσω παρὰ τοὺς
NAS: and standing behind [Him] at His feet,
KJV: feet behind [him] weeping,
INT: and having stood behind him at the

Luke 9:23 Adv
GRK: τις θέλει ὀπίσω μου ἔρχεσθαι
NAS: to come after Me, he must deny
KJV: will come after me, let him deny
INT: any one desires after me to come

Luke 9:62 Adv
GRK: εἰς τὰ ὀπίσω εὔθετός ἐστιν
NAS: and looking back, is fit
INT: on the things behind fit is

Luke 14:27 Adv
GRK: καὶ ἔρχεται ὀπίσω μου οὐ
NAS: and come after Me cannot
KJV: and come after me, cannot
INT: and comes after me not

Luke 17:31 Adv
GRK: εἰς τὰ ὀπίσω
NAS: is in the field must not turn back.
INT: to the things behind

Luke 19:14 Adv
GRK: ἀπέστειλαν πρεσβείαν ὀπίσω αὐτοῦ λέγοντες
NAS: a delegation after him, saying,
KJV: sent a message after him, saying,
INT: sent a delegation after him saying

Luke 21:8 Adv
GRK: μὴ πορευθῆτε ὀπίσω αὐτῶν
NAS: is near.' Do not go after them.
KJV: not therefore after them.
INT: Not go you after them

John 1:15 Adv
GRK: εἶπον Ὁ ὀπίσω μου ἐρχόμενος
NAS: He who comes after me has
KJV: He that cometh after me
INT: I was speaking He who after me comes

John 1:27 Adv
GRK: ὀπίσω μου ἐρχόμενος
NAS: [It is] He who comes after me, the thong
KJV: who coming after me is preferred
INT: after me he comes

John 1:30 Adv
GRK: ἐγὼ εἶπον Ὀπίσω μου ἔρχεται
NAS: of whom I said, After me comes a Man
KJV: I said, After me cometh
INT: I said After me comes

John 6:66 Adv
GRK: εἰς τὰ ὀπίσω καὶ οὐκέτι
NAS: of His disciples withdrew and were not walking
INT: to the back and no more

John 12:19 Adv
GRK: ὁ κόσμος ὀπίσω αὐτοῦ ἀπῆλθεν
NAS: the world has gone after Him.
KJV: the world is gone after him.
INT: the world after him is gone

John 18:6 Adv
GRK: εἰς τὰ ὀπίσω καὶ ἔπεσαν
NAS: [He], they drew back and fell
INT: backward the back and fell

35 Occurrences

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