809. ashishah
Strong's Concordance
ashishah: a raisin cake
Original Word: אֲשִׁישֵׁי
Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
Transliteration: ashishah
Phonetic Spelling: (ash-ee-shaw')
Short Definition: cakes
אֲשִׁישָׁה noun feminine (pressed) raisin-cake׳א 2 Samuel 6:19; 1 Chronicles 16:3 distributed, with other viands, to people; especially as stimulating, plural אֲשִׁישׁוֺת Songs 2:5; more explicitly אֲשִׁישֵׁי עֲנָבִים Hosea 3:1 used in sacrificial feasts (compare RSOTJC Lect. xi. n. 7); אֲשִׁישֵׁי קִיר חֲרֶשֶׂת Isaiah 16:7, i.e. the raisin-cakes which were an article of trade at Qir-hareseth (taken by Thes and others = foundations, i.e. foundations exposed by ruin, from [אָשִׁישׁ] with such a meaning).

אֵ֫שֶׁת see אִשָּׁה below III. אנשׁ.

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance

Feminine of 'ashiysh; something closely pressed together, i.e. A cake of raisins or other comfits -- flagon.

see HEBREW 'ashiysh

Forms and Transliterations
אֲשִׁישֵׁ֥י אשישי בָּֽאֲשִׁישׁ֔וֹת באשישות וַאֲשִׁישָֽׁה׃ וַאֲשִׁישָׁ֖ה ואשישה ואשישה׃ ’ă·šî·šê ’ăšîšê ashiShei bā’ăšîšōwṯ bā·’ă·šî·šō·wṯ baashiShot vaashiShah wa’ăšîšāh wa·’ă·šî·šāh
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Englishman's Concordance
Strong's Hebrew 809
4 Occurrences

’ă·šî·šê — 1 Occ.
bā·’ă·šî·šō·wṯ — 1 Occ.
wa·’ă·šî·šāh — 2 Occ.

2 Samuel 6:19
HEB: וְאֶשְׁפָּ֣ר אֶחָ֔ד וַאֲשִׁישָׁ֖ה אֶחָ֑ת וַיֵּ֥לֶךְ
NAS: and one of raisins to each
KJV: and a good piece [of flesh], and a flagon [of wine]. So all the people
INT: of dates and one of raisins and one departed

1 Chronicles 16:3
HEB: לֶ֔חֶם וְאֶשְׁפָּ֖ר וַאֲשִׁישָֽׁה׃
NAS: and a portion [of meat] and a raisin cake.
KJV: and a good piece of flesh, and a flagon [of wine].
INT: of bread portion raisin

Songs 2:5
HEB: סַמְּכ֙וּנִי֙ בָּֽאֲשִׁישׁ֔וֹת רַפְּד֖וּנִי בַּתַּפּוּחִ֑ים
NAS: Sustain me with raisin cakes, Refresh
KJV: Stay me with flagons, comfort
INT: Sustain raisin Refresh apples

Hosea 3:1
HEB: אֲחֵרִ֔ים וְאֹהֲבֵ֖י אֲשִׁישֵׁ֥י עֲנָבִֽים׃
NAS: gods and love raisin cakes.
KJV: gods, and love flagons of wine.
INT: to other loves cakes of wine

4 Occurrences

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