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pal·ḡê- — 6 Occurrences

Job 29:6
HEB: יָצ֥וּק עִ֝מָּדִ֗י פַּלְגֵי־ שָֽׁמֶן׃
NAS: poured out for me streams of oil!
KJV: poured me out rivers of oil;
INT: poured me streams of oil

Psalm 1:3
HEB: שָׁת֪וּל עַֽל־ פַּלְגֵ֫י מָ֥יִם אֲשֶׁ֤ר
NAS: [firmly] planted by streams of water,
KJV: planted by the rivers of water,
INT: planted by streams of water Which

Psalm 119:136
HEB: פַּלְגֵי־ מַ֭יִם יָרְד֣וּ
NAS: My eyes shed streams of water, Because
KJV: Rivers of waters run down
INT: streams of water shed

Proverbs 5:16
HEB: ח֑וּצָה בָּ֝רְחֹב֗וֹת פַּלְגֵי־ מָֽיִם׃
NAS: abroad, Streams of water
KJV: abroad, [and] rivers of waters
INT: abroad the streets Streams of water

Proverbs 21:1
HEB: פַּלְגֵי־ מַ֣יִם לֶב־
NAS: heart is [like] channels of water
KJV: of the LORD, [as] the rivers of water:
INT: is channels of water heart

Lamentations 3:48
HEB: פַּלְגֵי־ מַ֙יִם֙ תֵּרַ֣ד
NAS: run down with streams of water
KJV: runneth down with rivers of water
INT: streams of water run

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