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ham·mê·’āh — 2 Occurrences

Nehemiah 3:1
HEB: וְעַד־ מִגְדַּ֤ל הַמֵּאָה֙ קִדְּשׁ֔וּהוּ עַ֖ד
NAS: the wall to the Tower of the Hundred [and] the Tower
KJV: of it; even unto the tower of Meah they sanctified
INT: against to the Tower of the Hundred consecrated against

Nehemiah 12:39
HEB: חֲנַנְאֵל֙ וּמִגְדַּ֣ל הַמֵּאָ֔ה וְעַ֖ד שַׁ֣עַר
NAS: and the Tower of the Hundred, as far
KJV: and the tower of Meah, even unto the sheep
INT: of Hananel and the Tower of the Hundred far Gate

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