1994. himmo or himmon
Strong's Concordance
himmo or himmon: they
Original Word: הִמּוֹ
Part of Speech: pronoun plural
Transliteration: himmo or himmon
Phonetic Spelling: (him-mo')
Short Definition: these
הִמּוֺ9 (Ezra), הִמּוֺן3 (Daniel),

pronoun 3 plural they, them (= Biblical Hebrew הֵם, הֵמָּה, q. v., but the more original forms. Egyptian Aramaic המו CIS145B 4 (Cooke207),149A 1, S-CPap. C 7, 10 +; not ᵑ7 Syriac, which use אִנּוּן , , instead; Arabic , . The n in הִמּוֺן, as in דֵּין, אִלֵּין, by the side of זֶה, אֵלֶּה, ; NöM 86 WCG 106); — they, them:

a. as nominative Ezra 5:11 אֲבַחְנָא הִמּוֺ עַבְדוֺהִי we are his servants (construction as in Syriac, Nö§ 312 D Matthew 5:13, K§ 87. 3).

b. as accusative (in Biblical Aramaic, as in Syriac, there being no verbal suffix of 3plural; so Egyptian Aramaic Cooke76B 4, S-CPap. E 5 +), En 2:34 והדקת הִמּוֺ and crushed them, v35; v35; 3:22; Ezra 4:10,23; Ezra 5:5,12,14 (twice in verse); Ezra 5:15; Ezra 7:17. — compare אִנּוּן.

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
them, those

(Aramaic) or (prolonged) himmown (Aramaic) {him- mone'}; corresponding to hem; they -- X are, them, those.

see HEBREW hem

Forms and Transliterations
הִמּ֔וֹ הִמּ֔וֹן הִמּ֖וֹ הִמּ֜וֹ הִמּ֡וֹ הִמּֽוֹן׃ הִמּוֹן֙ המו המון המון׃ him·mō·wn him·mōw himMo himMon himmōw himmōwn
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Strong's Hebrew 1994
12 Occurrences

him·mōw — 9 Occ.
him·mō·wn — 3 Occ.

Ezra 4:10
HEB: וְיַקִּירָ֔א וְהוֹתֵ֣ב הִמּ֔וֹ בְּקִרְיָ֖ה דִּ֣י
INT: and honorable and settled them the city which

Ezra 4:23
HEB: יְה֣וּדָיֵ֔א וּבַטִּ֥לוּ הִמּ֖וֹ בְּאֶדְרָ֥ע וְחָֽיִל׃
KJV: the Jews, and made them to cease
INT: to the Jews and stopped them force of arms

Ezra 5:5
HEB: וְלָא־ בַטִּ֣לוּ הִמּ֔וֹ עַד־ טַעְמָ֖א
KJV: cause them to cease,
INT: not stop them until the matter

Ezra 5:11
HEB: לְמֵמַ֑ר אֲנַ֣חְנָא הִמּ֡וֹ עַבְדוֹהִי֩ דִֽי־
KJV: saying, We are the servants of the God
INT: saying We are are the servants forasmuch

Ezra 5:12
HEB: שְׁמַיָּ֔א יְהַ֣ב הִמּ֔וֹ בְּיַ֛ד נְבוּכַדְנֶצַּ֥ר
KJV: he gave them into the hand
INT: of heaven gave them the hand of Nebuchadnezzar

Ezra 5:14
HEB: בִֽירוּשְׁלֶ֔ם וְהֵיבֵ֣ל הִמּ֔וֹ לְהֵיכְלָ֖א דִּ֣י
NAS: of Babylon, these King
KJV: of Babylon, those did Cyrus
INT: Jerusalem and brought these to the temple whom

Ezra 5:14
HEB: בָבֶ֑ל הַנְפֵּ֨ק הִמּ֜וֹ כּ֣וֹרֶשׁ מַלְכָּ֗א
INT: of Babylon took these Cyrus King

Ezra 5:15
HEB: אֵֽזֶל־ אֲחֵ֣ת הִמּ֔וֹ בְּהֵיכְלָ֖א דִּ֣י
KJV: carry them into the temple
INT: go deposit them the temple in

Ezra 7:17
HEB: וְנִסְכֵּיה֑וֹן וּתְקָרֵ֣ב הִמּ֔וֹ עַֽל־ מַדְבְּחָ֔ה
KJV: and offer them upon
INT: and their drink and offer them upon the altar

Daniel 2:34
HEB: וְחַסְפָּ֑א וְהַדֵּ֖קֶת הִמּֽוֹן׃
KJV: and clay, and brake them to pieces.
INT: and clay and crushed them

Daniel 2:35
HEB: קַ֔יִט וּנְשָׂ֤א הִמּוֹן֙ רוּחָ֔א וְכָל־
KJV: and the wind carried them away, that
INT: the summer carried them and the wind all

Daniel 3:22
HEB: נְג֔וֹ קַטִּ֣ל הִמּ֔וֹן שְׁבִיבָ֖א דִּ֥י
INT: and Abed-nego slew them the flame who

12 Occurrences

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